Influential Person

I have realized at the age of thirteen that my mother has been the most influential person in my life. My mother is a housewife and the pillar of my family. She has been taking care of my younger sister and me after we were born.

I remember during my secondary school day, I always hated getting up early for school every morning at 6.15am. However, my mother has to wake up 15 minutes earlier than me to prepare breakfast and make sure I was never late for school. I really appreciate my mother for sacrificing her sleep for me, because of that I was never late for school. On the day that I do not have co-curricular activity (CCA), my mother would cook lunch and waited me at home. You may think that she must be used to waking up early every morning, but who will do that every day if one were to be given a choice.

My mother believes eating at home is a healthier form of lifestyle. She has been cooking dinner every evening, and usually it consists of 1 meat, 1 vegetable plus 1 soup. It can be an onerous chore at times, but my mother still continue making our dinner without fail. She insists that home prepared food is always healthier than dining out. She will try her best to reduce the amount of sugar, salt and oil usage without compromising the taste. Within my heart I thank her for taking care of my eating habit, because of that I do not have any illness like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. She has definitely influent my life, without her I would be eating fast food like other kids would have because their parents are busy working.

Influential Person

4 thoughts on “Influential Person

  1. Mubin Noor says:

    Hi JJ. Your description of your mother is well and clear. I can understand why she is a role model for you. In fact, my mother is also like yours, a housewife. I think being housewives, they tend to be more mindful of what is good for the family.


  2. Thank you for sharing with us this clear and concise reflection on the importance of your mother, JJ. I like this post for all of its simple but profound insights. Your mom is special for being exactly what she is, a pillar of stability, a bastion of consistency. You mention how she has gotten you up early throughout all the days of your schooling, and how she has cooked all your meals. These may seem trivial acts, but as you point out “who will do that every day if one were to be given a choice.”

    If I were to title your reflection, I might call it this: It is that which often seems the most normal that can be considered the most exceptional. Your mom is clearly that, and this is a point well made in your post.


  3. Hi Jun Jie!

    Thanks for sharing your story with your mum with us! She seems like a very nice, caring and kind person ^^. It’s never easy to be the one who handles everything in a household and she’s doing an exceptionally well. I’m sure that she’s a role model to all šŸ˜€


  4. Hi JJ,

    I can feel that your mother has influenced you on your eating habits which is good for you. Your mother is a very caring person and like all other mothers out there, they will do anything for their children.


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