Reflection on Oral Presentation

Two days ago, my group had done a presentation for effective communication. We chose to tackle a problem that many Singaporeans have been facing, indoor heat temperature increases due to heat being trapped particularly on the west fa├žade wall. I presented on the current solution and its disadvantages.

It was my first time preparing a script. I felt afraid that I will be disorganised and discomposed in the actual presentation. Therefore our group had done three trial run, but I was not satisfied with my performance. Since I was using a script, I was so focused on memorising the technical terms that I started to neglect the flow of the presentation. Often at the trial run, I would stop and ask my group for improvement on my speech. My only worry is my articulation on the actual presentation because I will tend to mispronounce words when I am under pressure and stress.

On the actual presentation, I was so focused on my volume and articulation that I had overlooked on the tone. I received feedback that I was monotonous during the presentation. My voice is naturally low. However, I could have put in some effort into my tone.

I was told that occasionally I looked at the slides instead of the audience. Truthfully, I was nervous during the presentation. I used laser pointer at the slide to gain some time and thought before continuing my presentation.

In conclusion, I feel that I have improved in my presentation skill. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to learn, unlearn, and relearn in effective communication class.

Reflection on Oral Presentation