Letter of Transmittal

25 October 2015


Madame Alice Goh Senior Manager on Research Group

Building and Construction Authority 200 Braddell Road ZEB Level 3 Singapore 579700


Dear Madam Alice Goh,

RE: Reducing heat gain on east and west facade walls of HDB flats

We are pleased to present our proposal on reducing heat gain on the east and west facade walls in HDB flats which will ultimately reduce indoor temperature for greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

The content of this proposal consists of the current solutions, the advantages and disadvantages of the current solutions, the group’s proposed solution and benefits.

Current solutions such as reflective paint, windows and green wall are able to reduce the indoor temperature and the amount of sunlight penetrating to a small extent in a HDB household unit in compromising the high initial cost, subsequent maintenance and lack of ventilation.

The group’s proposed solution is to implement water-cooled facade wall. It uses harvested rainwater to reduce indoor temperature of a HDB household unit. The advantages are it reduces the amount heat trapped indoors, decreases the amount energy consumption and minimises the damage to the ozone layer by reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

Your time spent on our proposal is greatly appreciated. We hope you will consider our proposed solutions to allow us to take a step closer towards responding to the HDB dweller needs, by providing them a conducive environment of living in Singapore.



Yours Sincerely,
Neo Jun Jie
On behalf of Js

Letter of Transmittal

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