The Role of Peer and Tutor Feedback

The role of peer and tutor feedback provides diversity teaching compared with Singapore traditional way of receiving feedback from teacher. I feel that giving personal feedback and receiving it from peers is beneficial because it creates a purpose for us to read, think, and write.

I believe one of the meaningful assignment from effective communication is reader response. In reader response, I need to write several drafts throughout the twelve weeks before the final submission. During this period of time, I have ample amount of time and feedbacks for me to correct my mistake. Additionally, I believe that when I get my feedbacks on our multiple draft, the chances of improvement will increase.

When peer feedback is established it allows me to interact with my peers and creates social skill while learning to write more effectively. I believe that feedback is a useful life skill that will help me prepare for the future. Although I may receive a negative feedback, I am more likely to accept and improve my work. Feedback makes me realise my mistake and gives me the drive to do my best to receive words of praise.

After twelve weeks of effective communication, I am able to see an improvement in my writing. At least, now I know what kinds of grammar error I have been making for examples, subject verb, determiner and word choice. I am really glad that I have the chance to attend effective communication and meet wonderful people.

All in all, I would definitely want to apply this method of peer and tutor feedback to improve my other written works. However, I feel that nobody would want to give feedback, as the class will not find it compulsory to carry this activity after this module has ended.

The Role of Peer and Tutor Feedback

2 thoughts on “The Role of Peer and Tutor Feedback

  1. Hi JJ,

    I agree with you that feedback will help you realized the mistakes that you have made. It also gives you a chance to improve yourself to be better. I am glad that you have improved in your writing skills after the 12 weeks of effective communication lessons.


  2. Brad says:

    Thank you, Junjie, for this very comprehensive, intelligent critical reflection. You do an excellent job of reviewing what we did for the feedback exercises and how you might have benefited from that. You also mention the key point that, in fact, feedback is a life skill. You also inform us that although giving and receiving feedback is useful, it would be impossible that such an exercise be extended beyond SIE2016 if it is not built into a module.

    That aside, I’d like to thank you for all your various efforts this term, and I wish you the very best as you continue your learning journey!


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